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【MysticWeave Series Rugs】 Raqia Step

The MysticWeave Series features designs that embody the allure of enigmatic, blurred patterns. Each item in the MysticWeave Series is meticulously crafted to bring a sense of mystery, intrigue, and artistic elegance to any space. The indistinct patterns evoke a feeling of depth and wonder, making them perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and abstract beauty. With the MysticWeave Series, transform your environment into a sanctuary of hidden charm and refined aesthetics.


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This machine washable rug is the best choice for high traffic areas with children and pets at home. This rug is machine washable and very easy to care.Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust or hair for daily care, if excess liquid remains or dirt on the surface of the rug and you want your rug to to be thoroughly clean, Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle(not to add bleach),air dry or dry on air-only cycle with out heat.