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Arghavan Mint

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Functionality & Elegance

Spill Proof Technology

Designed to withstand life's spills and stains, these rugs not only bring comfort and style to your space but also offer unmatched durability.

Haven of comfort

Luxurious Softness

Indulge in the sheer comfort of our plush and velvety soft rugs, where every step feels like a gentle caress.

Suits your style

Classic Vintage Design

Discover the magic of design-infused rugs that elevate your space.

Our washable area rugs are made of high quality non-slip TPR latex backing that effectively keeps the carpet in a stable position and prevents dangerous movement and slipping.One piece is enough,you don't need to buy additional non-slip carpet pads.This makes it safer for your children or pets to play during daily use, and you will keep the elderly living in your home safe.