The earth needs eco-friendly rugs

In residential Settings, rugs are used to enhance comfort and aesthetics, often in living rooms and bedrooms, where they provide warmth and reduce noise, serving a decorative role. In commercial environments, rugs are designed to withstand high foot traffic and frequent use, so rugs here are made of non-slip, durable and easy to maintain materials, often used in offices, hotels and retail Spaces. However, the traditional rug uses synthetic fibers, so in the traditional rug manufacturing process, such as the rug dyeing process will use a lot of water resources, need to use a lot of chemicals, produce a lot of solid wastewater and waste, and the waste generated by these rug production can not be effectively treated. In addition, rug manufacturing involves transnational transportation and large-scale logistics, which increases carbon emissions and a lot of energy consumption. Because many rugs are synthetic, there are many difficulties in processing, such as: non-biological degradation problems, harmful gases produced when burning rugs, and so on. These problems show that traditional rug production is harmful to the environment and human body. Eco-friendly are rugs are the key to solving this problem!

On the concept of eco-friendly area rug, it is necessary to say from the material and production process of the rug. Most of the eco-friendly rugs use natural, renewable, biodegradable, recyclable materials, such as organic cotton, wool, jute, fine cotton and so on. Due to the characteristics of the materials used in the eco-friendly area rug, the eco-friendly area rug has low energy consumption in the production process, while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, so the eco-friendly rug will not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring indoor air quality, so this rug is very suitable for children's rooms and allergic people. Eco-friendly area rug is biodegradable, so even if the rug is discarded, it will not pollute the environment, reduce the burden of waste disposal and save energy.

ComiComi has been focusing on the carpet industry for many years. In order to implement the concept of sustainable development, Comicomi has launched a series of eco-friendly area rugs made of fine cotton. Fine cotton is a natural material from traditional cotton treatment, and the use of fine cotton as a rug material, because of the material characteristics of its raw materials, such a rug has good durability, hypoallergenic, breathable, soft.

In addition to the eco-friendly materials used by ComiComi, the rug is also machine washable and spill-proof.

ComiComi Large Rugs for Living Room Arghavan Grey

1. Machine washable rug

Machine washable rug is the rug that can be cleaned directly in the washing machine, such rug cleaning saves time and effort, and saves cleaning costs, so the cleaning frequency of machine washable rug is higher than that of traditional rug, in addition to the durability of the rug itself, extends the service life of the rug, reduces the problem of resource consumption caused by frequent replacement of the rug, and reduces the carbon footprint. Add to the strength of environmental protection.

ComiComi Non Slip Rugs for Living Room Roudiyar Brown

2. Spill-proof rug

The rug's spill-proof design, suitable for families with children and pets, can easily handle unexpected stains on the rug, easy cleaning and maintenance, such design reduces the reliance on strong chemical cleaners when cleaning the rug, reduces the need to use large amounts of water for deep cleaning, and contributes to the environment.

Because the raw materials and production process of washable area rugs are more eco-friendly, almost all families with children or pets will give priority to washable rugs. At present, with the emergence of the concept of carbon neutrality, indicating the future demand and development of eco-friendly area rugs, and the contribution of washable rugs in environmental protection is obvious, so it is very important to choose an excellent washable area rug.

ComiComi area rugs are designed to provide practicality and convenience for families, while also practicing the concept of environmental protection. At ComiComi there are hundreds of rugs, many styles of washable area rugs to choose from, you can always find a rug that will please you. Check out ComiComi's selection of eco-friendly washable area rugs for you.

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